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About us!

We are a family-owned business near Lewisburg, Ohio.  Lewisburg is between Dayton, Ohio and Richmond, Indiana.  We tend to serve in a 60-mile area radius from Lewisburg.  But hey, we will come have fun anywhere if the details are worked out.

Ever wonder what the RN means?  If you guessed right now sorry, but it really means Registered Nurse.  Yep, that's right our full-time job at the Dayton VA as an ICU nurse and part-time as an Interventional Radiology RN at a level 1 trauma center.  Don't worry I don't glow yet.

My wife and I have attended many weddings over the years, including our own 17 years ago.  Every wedding had the same old school black box photo booth, and we always thought there was a better way and that is when we discovered the iPad booth.


Our Team

Matt Brueggemann foto me rn photo booth



This is the guy that you will most likely see at your event. Don't worry I am approachable and love coffee.

Sheila Brueggemann owner



This is the boss, you may see her at your event.  She does the behind the scenes stuff.  She doesn't like coffee.


The Son

The oldest of the four kids.  We are not sure what he really does, and we don't think he knows either.  


Other Staff

We didn't really want to claim them but we must.

If you see Olivia, the oldest daughter it is probably because she had her cellphone taken away.  But in reality she is our website editor.

Olivia Mirror-x


This is reserved for the two younger daughters.  Maybe one day they will join our team!

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